Founded for the love of great products and brands

Braves was founded by Elisabeth Bratteberg and Markus Vesøen. Together with their team they design and manufacture new products and build exciting Nordic brands for a global market.

The Braves works with a great team of manufacturers across the globe to develop new and exciting products and categories. They develop elegant and effective e-commerce solutions for sales and logistics to sell and market their brands in the Nordics as well as the global market.

Packaging production in Shenzhen

Made by the Braves

Turning ideas into a business

What makes the Braves different is our way of thinking, designing and manufacturing. We focus not only on what is a great idea but also what can become a great business.

Designing a business

Building upon great solutions and ideas the Braves uses their own framework to take ideas to market and build a foundation of logistics, sales and manufacturing around it to support growth and scalability across markets.

Our management

Elisabeth Bratteberg CEO of Braves AS Braves Global AS

Elisabeth Bratteberg

Founder & CEO

Elisabeth has a background in business management and economics and is our CEO and founder.

Markus Vesøen founder braves

Markus Vesøen

CDO - Founder

Markus is CDO and has a background in computer science and innovation management.

Jan Henning Thorsen from Laget / Risør - Norway CTO of the Braves AS Braves Global AS

Jan Henning Thorsen


Jan Henning is our CTO with over 14 years of experience from digital product development in telecom, hosting services and dev-ops.

Company Information

Braves are located in the Nordics, Euro Zone and Asia. You Asia office is our sourcing, design and manufacturing office an can be visited upon request.

Contact Information

For general inquireries please use the following mail address: [email protected]

Asia Office

广东省深圳市南山区蛇口街道望海路1049号海明苑A栋406房 Shenzhen, China
Phone: 13048936540

Norway Office

Braves Global a/s

Kirkegaten 1b, 4878 Grimstad

Orgnr: 917187525

Denmark Office (EU)

Braves Scandinavia
Husumgade 44 B, st. 3.
2200 København N, Denmark
CVR-nummer: 39456877