Hi, we're the Braves. We create brands, design experiences, manufacture products and tell great stories.

Braves brands

Falch & Frische nordic designer furniture and home ware.

Meeting two retired Danish furniture designers on a beach in Indonesia kickstarted this adventure of making nordic design more accessible.

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For the love of food and fire

Tired of expensive wood and gas fired pizza ovens we started Gruue. The brand name is derived from the traditional Norwegian word Grue, meaning fireplace. We design high-quality pizza ovens for the Nordics. Designed with innovative and new functionality that makes it easy to get the perfect pizza from your Gruue pizza oven.

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Trafikkmaskin digital marketing agency with physical twist

We wanted to make our own online advertisement, web hosting and marketing campaigns better and simpler. This ambition kickstarted our in-house digital micro agency that service small businesses with groundbreaking marketing campaigns that drive traffic and sales.

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boken for enkel import av varer fra kina og kinesiske fabrikker

Sourcing Secrets book

We wanted to write the ultimate book on sourcing of products from Chinese factories for the Norwegian market. Supported by digital tools and templates that make doing business with China simpler and cheaper.

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NAMELESS lifestyle accessories for rebels

We wanted a brand that was designed for rebels. Those who do not care about the logo of the product but its design.

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